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Cigar eLiquid


Product Description

Cigar:  Our premium Cigar tobacco eliquid blend offers the sophisticated flavor of a true high­end Cigar. True connoisseurs of fine Cigars will love the bold flavor that never holds back. Rich and full­flavored, this premium vape liquid will satisfy even the most prudent Cigar lovers.

Our eliquid is manufactured by us, never outsourced, in our facility located in Houston, Texas. We hand-mix your ejuice under strict quality control conditions and according to your specs usually within 24 hours of your order, so you always get a fresh bottle.

We use a balanced 50/50 blend of high-grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine designed for rich flavor and dense, satisfying vapor. Our e-juice comes in varying nicotine content levels from 0mg/ml to 30mg/ml (in 6mg increments), so you can select the strength that's right for you. We use only high-quality food-safe flavors that conform to food industry standards, and we never use flavoring that contains diacetyl.

All of our e-liquid bottles are childproof, long-tip, LDPE plastic dropper bottles with tamper-evident seals. When you first open your bottle, be sure to press down hard while turning the cap to break the tamper-evident ring seal. All of our vape juice should be fully mixed, but it's still a good idea to shake well before filling your tank.