Explosive Growth Across the Country for E-Cigarette Shops

The explosive growth and popularity of the electronic cigarette as an alternative to traditional cigarettes has prompted a flood of new vapor shop openings across America. E-cigarettes are spurring new business start-ups across the country.

A recent article in The Diamondback, a Maryland University student newspaper delves into the pheonomenon. Michael Stiefvater, a College Park, Maryland economic development coordinator quoted in the article, reports that more than twenty-five e-cigarette shops will open in the state of Maryland this year. Sam Akkad, owner of a new College Park vapor shop called Vapin Time, explains "I decided to open a location here because it’s close to the university, the younger crowds — College Park is a great city, I  hope that I can help out everybody in the area that wants to quit smoking."

In the northern Alabama town of Huntsville, another article about the proliferation of e-cig related small businesses profiles e-cigarette shop Twickenham Vapor owner Bryan Bentley. About a year ago, Bentley, who suffers from asthma and uses an inhaler, discovered e-cigarettes. Bentley, a 30 year smoker dabbled with different electronic cigarette products. After finally settling on a tank-based ecig system, he has not touched another cigarette, and his successful switch was the motivating factor for opening his own shop. "I quit the day I got it and I haven't smoked since," said Bentley, exhaling vaporized, nicotine-infused juice from his e-cigarette. "I tried to quit with the patch, gum, cold turkey. None of it ever worked, but this worked the first time."

According to VaporSearchUSA.com, more than thirty vapor shops have opened across the state of Texas in the last month. Bonnie Herzog, an industry analyst for Wells Fargo Securities, reports that e-cigarette retail sales more than doubled last year to $1.7 billion. The product was also chosen as one of CitiGroup's top 10 disruptive technologies of 2012.

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