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Newly Proposed FDA Regulations for E-Cig Companies

E-Cigarettes FDA smoke-free alternative to cigarettes

Following the Food and Drug Administration's release of proposed e-cigarette regulations on Thursday, the vaping community exhaled a big vapor cloud of joy! The general consensus among the two billion dollar electronic cigarette industry, which offers an alternative to traditional tobacco leaf smoking, is that the common sense restrictions proposed by the FDA represent a triumph of science over hyperbole. According to a report published by NBC news, most industry insiders agree that companies that have been in the business prior to these new mandates stand to benefit from them. The majority of responsible e-cig businesses have already implemented most of the common sense regulations that the Food and Drug Administration has proposed including reasonable restrictions such as a ban on the sale of vapor devices and e-liquid to people under the age of 18 and the inclusion of proper health warnings on product labels.

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