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Proposition 56

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California might become the fifth state to implement an e-cigarette tax

Lulu Chang October 9, 2016

 Summary in black, my thoughts in purple!

There are 4 states so far that have implemented an outrageous tax on e-cigarettes: Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, and North Carolina. Is California next? The vape community wants people to vote “NO” to Proposition 56. If California is next it could derail a multibillion dollar industry. Voters in California have already voted against raising cigarette taxes in 2006 and 2012, so the people who are backing prop 56 have their work cut out for them. (These taxes could put some many shops out of business, the FDA regulations alone have caused smaller shops to close their doors already. Only time will tell what will happen to the vape industry.)

            The vape industry has already raised more than $56 million to make sure that prop 56 doesn’t pass, compared to only $20 million that anti-smoking groups have raised in their efforts. (Never underestimate the power of the people. You can’t destroy a community that is already so tight knit. People fight for their rights as well as what they think is right or wrong. Prop 56 in California would cause a domino effect, every state after them would slowly start to follow suite which would completely kill the vape industry)

            E-cigarettes are the center of attention lately, not in the most positive way. We shall see when November comes around what the voters decide.

Author: Brittney Wachner


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