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Online Sellers: Beware Vaping Crackdown By Ina Steiner September 21, 2016

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Online Sellers: Beware Vaping Crackdown

By Ina Steiner September 21, 2016

Summary in black, my thoughts in purple!

When August 8th, 2016 hit, many online retailers thought that their business would be shut down due to FDA regulations. Good news to the industry, online sales are still continuing at this present moment. However, the FDA has now sent out letters to 55 different retailers warning them not to sell to minors. The legal age to buy or consume these products is 18, and the FDA is monitoring sales very closely to ensure that companies are complying with current laws. (It’s the FDA’s job to monitor all the laws put into place and ensure that no one is trying to find ways around them. The fact that they even had to send out warning letters to companies baffles me. Companies should not be selling to minors period, online or in stores. There are so many ways to verify someone’s age, so there is no excuse for this whatsoever. Especially with everything going on with regulations, companies need to be extra cautious when selling their products online.)

The American Vaping Association is confused, because the FDA hasn’t set out specific guidelines for online retailers, which makes it difficult for them to set up an age verification program that the FDA would approve of. (The vape community is getting so much attention from the government already that it’s absolutely ridiculous that a company wouldn’t take extra measures just to make sure that they were in compliance. So many other eliquid companies are doing it right by following the laws. It’s time to get serious and realize that these laws aren’t going anywhere and that it’s time for everyone to adapt, or those companies are going to regret it later on.)


Author: Brittney Wachner

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