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Teen hospitalized after e-cigarette explodes on Universal ride

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Summary in black, my thoughts in purple!

A 14-year-old girl was hospitalized after an e-cigarette exploded on the Harry Potter train at Universal Studios. The e-cigarette that belonged to a college student, malfunctioned and a ball of fire shot towards the girl. She was taken to a nearby hospital, luckily she only suffered mild burns and there wasn’t any property damage other than the burn hole in the train seat. What type of device it was is still unknown. (Battery safety has always been a number one concern when it comes to vapor devices. First of all, why would you even bring your device onto the ride with you? You’re not going to vape on the ride, so why carry it in your pocket? This is a perfect example of being irresponsible with these devices. We as a community can’t expect the FDA to calm down on the regulations if things like this are continuing to happen.)

Author: Brittney Wachner

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