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The FDA Debate Fact Over Fiction Concerning E-Cigarettes

With the period winding down for the public to comment [Make Your Comment Here] on the regulating of e-cigarettes, it's important that we separate fact from fiction. There is one fact that is undisputable. There has been explosive growth across the nation in e-cigarette shops.  With this growing popularity in the product the industry as a whole has come under fire from a myriad of organization making one dubious claim after another. Since the inception of the electronic cigarette there have been non-smoking organizations trying to have the product banned.  From what we see so far the proposed regulations are for the most part common sense and...

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Recent Survey Reveals Adults Who Use E-Cigarettes Prefer Supposely Childish Flavors

E-Cigarettes e-liquid study

A recent article in Forbes reported that adult users of electronic cigarettes  prefer supposedly juvenile flavors. In a senate hearing last month several senators led by Jay Rockerfeller (D-WV) accused e-liquid manufactures of providing a wide variety of flavors which in his mind, was conclusive evidence, that their purpose was to get children hooked on nicotine.

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Smokers Save Money by Switching to Refillable E-Cigarette Devices

E-Cigarettes e-liquid FDA harm reduction health risks smoke-free alternative to cigarettes study

Many studies have been published indicating that vaping e-cigarettes could be a less harmful alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, but the reduced cost of ecigs and e-liquid also make vaping the smart choice. A Boston Globe Business report points out that, particularly when taking into account rising taxes and prices on tobacco cigarettes, ecigarettes provide a much more cost effective solution. Current savings vary depending on several factors: 1. State e-cigarette tax laws. 2. The brand of eliquid, and 3. The style of e-cig used. Unfortunately, with the growing popularity of e-cigs, this reality could change. There is a looming possibility that government bodies will impose new taxes on e-juice and electronic cigarette products as tax revenue from existing tobacco products declines.

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White House Softens Proposed E-Cigarette Regulations

E-Cigarettes FDA regulation

A Time Magazine - US Law report reveals that the White House weakened restrictions on electronic cigarettes proposed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Published documents show that the White House deleted restrictions that might have prevented online sales of e-cigs and e-liquids.

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FDA Extending Comment Period On Proposed Electronic Cigarette Regulation

E-Cigarettes e-liquid FDA

According to a report in the StarTribune, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are extending the 75 day comment period regarding their proposed e-cigarette regulations. This will give more time for the public to weigh in on the FDA's proposal to regulate the electronic cigarette industry. The FDA said this past Friday that the July 9th deadline would be extended 30 days to August 8th.

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